Reflections on Previous Groups

Deeply flattered Am I….

Here is a poem by one of my extraordinarily talented students! Thank you Martyn Potts 🙂

#AT* @ UC

 Mind-forged chains around your head?

Too stiff to get out of bed?

Back-ache, neck-ache. Is this you?

This is what you have to do . . . .


Lose the habits that cause pain,

Come to AT and you’ll gain,

Some Zen, some real tranquility,

Ease of posture, a NEW ME.


It’s for him and it’s for her,

For any age, we don’t prefer.

AT has an open mind,

So, try it and you just might find


Your aches and pains soon dissipate,

Every Tuesday, don’t be late.

Ask for Jenny, female Yoda.

Not Pilates, not like Yoga.




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