Well-being in schools

Dr Jennifer Fox Eades is a teacher, writer and researcher. Her research is in the field of well-being in education. She offers workshops to schools on fostering well-being in teachers and students.

You can read Jennifer’s PhD thesis on well-being in education here: Educational well-being or being well in education: a philosophical and empirical inquiry into the nature of well-being in education

Celebrating Strengths 

Celebrating Strengths is a whole school approach to well-being developed with schools in deprived areas in the UK.

She has introduced the principles of Celebrating Strengths to individuals, schools and child care providers in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark.

Resources to support Celebrating Strengths are published by TTS and can be found here


Jenny is the author of several books, including Celebrating Strengths, building strengths-based schools (CAPP Press, 2008) and Classroom Tales, (JKP, 2006). Her books have been translated into Italian and Danish.

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With Carmel Proctor she is the author of a high school character strengths programme, Strengths Gym, http://www.strengthsgym.co.uk/


Jenny is happy to work with schools and other organisations who wish to introduce Celebrating Strengths and who understand that change requires courage, commitment and time.

You can hear Jenny tell stories and talk about her work on You Tube, here




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