Alexander Technique workshops:

‘Your classes were the most lovely, bright and restful moments in my weeks last semester and I look forward to when they can become that for me again!’ Kate

‘I looked forward to  it every week and have got such a lot out of it. I find I am so much more aware of my body and how I use it. I look forward to starting the follow up course in January.’

‘I particularly wanted to thank you for the relief the Alexander Technique has bought to my Carpal Tunnel symptoms.  I suffered with worsening problems for a couple of years – stiffness,  numbness, tingling and pain in hands and forearms. This was particularly distressing as my interests are crafts,  sewing , gardening  – all of these were made more difficult and less pleasurable.

Within a fortnight of starting the Alexander technique course the symptoms started to improve. I used the techniques you showed me to soften and support my hands. After 10 weeks the improvement has been remarkable. I no longer need to sleep in splints. Best of all my hands feel alive and dextrous once more. ‘ Ann Szymkowiak

‘Jenny is a respectful listener. I liked the way she doesn’t reduce movement to right or wrong but more, “What if we just do this?”‘ Marilyn

Well-being workshops for teachers and school leaders:

‘Enjoyed every minute of it’

‘You turn “training” into a powerful learning experience. This begins with the stillness,  gentleness and feeling of safety that you create. The main strategies are simple in design but highly sophisticated in the way that you helped us to penetrate through layers of meaning and potential for action’

‘the training was very beneficial to me in my work as school psychologist’

‘I enjoyed it hugely. Loved the teaching style and deep delivery and understanding’

staff training workshop

‘I particularly liked the philosophical enquiry process – a means to support work that we do through the IBMYP’

‘I really enjoyed Strengths Circles – amazingly powerful’

One of my Australian clients
One of my Australian clients

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