Character Strengths, Well-being in education

Character Strength of the Day: Kindness

I saw a good post about the #character strength of #kindness on linked-in this morning, here

It made me stop and think – about the fact that kindness is one of the first victims of ‘busyness’. Kindness takes time…time to stop and think…time to notice other people…time to be creative about how I might be kind….time to go out of my own, important way for somebody else…

Because kindness is often about little things and little things are easily overlooked, buried under an avalanche of ‘urgent’ or ‘important’ things – emails, texts, to-do lists, meetings, economics….

Kindness is often free…perhaps that’s why it isn’t valued much in Western society? And it takes time….but it passes the death bed test. I suspect more people think, on their death beds, of the people who were kind to them and wish they had been kinder in return, more often, than regret an unsent email…


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