Well-being and the Alexander Technique: Mindful movement

Ease your aches and pains, improve balance, feel calmer and enjoy movement and the rest of life more with the Alexander Technique.

You can learn the technique through 1:1 lessons, shared lessons or in groups.

Jenny teaches 1:1 lessons in Macclesfield and Whaley Bridge. She also runs regular groups at Union Chapel in Fallowfield, Manchester, and at  Macclesfield Methodist Church in Macclesfield.

You can hear one of Jenny’s Riverside clients talk about the technique here

The benefits of the Alexander technique

The Alexander technique has been shown, in a large randomized controlled trial, to provide substantial long term benefit for chronic lower back pain. Click here to read the research. British Medical Journal

The Nice guidelines recommend the Alexander Technique for people with Parkinson’s disease who are experiencing balance or motor function problems. A randomised controlled trial also showed statistically significant benefits in depression scores for those with Parkinson’s.

New Publication 

Dewey and the Alexander Technique: Lessons in Mind-body learning by Charlotte Woods, Malcolm Williamson and Jenny Fox Eades In Dewey and Education in the 21st Century: Fighting Back (eds) Heilbronn, Doddington and Higham

Tuesdays at Union Chapel  Manchester. 10.15-12.15 or 1pm-3pm

Mondays at Macclesfield Methodist Church .

1.30-2.30 (for Parents and Carers)

3-5pm Better Balance Class – (for Anybody)

Contact Jenny 

07974 944585 or email jennyfoxeades@gmail.com

Dr Jennifer Fox Eades is a writer and researcher in the field of well-being in education. She has spent many years working with schools and teachers and now teaches the Alexander Technique in addition to her advisory work in schools.

She is a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, STAT, http://www.alexandertechnique.co.uk/

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The Alexander Technique is a way of increasing our awareness of how we move, sit, stand and breath moment by moment and how we react to the stresses of everyday life. The Alexander Technique improves well-being and can reduce chronic pain, muscle strain and tension, anxiety and stress.

Watch a video about the clinical evidence for the Alexander technique here British Medical Journal Back Pain Study.

Find out more at The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

As well as teaching the technique to improve well-being and relieve chronic pain, Jenny’s other particular interests include

  • education – helping teachers and older students manage stress, improve their presentation and communication skills and build confidence
  • running – run more easily, more enjoyably and with less injury
  • parents and babies – care for yourself while caring for your baby
  • using the technique to help children and adults with disabilities or special needs

You can watch a video about the Alexander technique in schools here